Frequently Asked Questions

    • How would I download files?

    You need to click on any download link. After that you’ll find a window to Zippyshare. Our files are mainly hosted on Zippyshare & Uploadhub so there won’t any problem downloading from there. Occasionally we host files on file-up, Sama-up, Racaty and others as well.

    • The .rar archive asks for password when extracting. What to do?

    We never encrypt the archive with password. May be you are dreaming or you have a shitty computer or internet. Please don’t use computer and ask an expert for help. Use only WINRAR.

    • Can I use Internet Download Manager or other file downloader to download files from this site?

    You may, but we don’t take any guaranty of any damage of our files after being downloaded.

    • Why are there so many parts. Do I need to download all of them? They all looked same after I downloaded.

    Zippyshare only allows max of 500MB for a single upload. So we need to divide the file into 500MB parts. They might look the same but you need to download them all in order to get the whole file.

    • How do I extract files I have downloaded from this website?

    All the files you have downloaded from this website needs to be extracted with WINRAR. You can extract it easily with single downloaded file. In case of multiple part files there’s a catch. First you need to make a new folder. Then you have to put all the parts inside that new folder (simply just copy and paste inside that new folder). Open that folder you have created and right click on filename.part01.rar and hit “Extract here”. In case of file extensions like .Z01 or .Z02, use WinZip or 7Zip to extract.

    • I am unable to download from Google Drive at the moment. It’s showing some error

    Good Drive don’t have any fix currently. You just need to wait for 24hours to get it resolved on their terms.

    • I am unable to access Zippyshare, Uploadhub or other links on your website. I can’t download the file.

    Some countries block websites like Zippyshare, Uploadhub etc. You need to use a VPN to access those websites. You can use this following one HERE

    • My software crashes after I installed the plugin from your website.

    All the plugins on this website have been tested before being uploaded. So if your software crashes after installing any of the plugins or other “things” then we don’t know what to say. It might be either your computer is outdated, or you made mistakes while installing.

    • I can’t find crack inside this Stock Video/Audio pack.

    Crack for Stock Video/Audio? Seriously? Why are you even using computer?

    • The file I just downloaded from this website contains virus as it has been suggested by my antivirus.

    If you are downloading pirated stuffs, there will always be a notification saying it’s a virus. However if you don’t want the notification, please turn off your antivirus or buy software from the original developer.

    • I am having installation error. I’m missing DLL file.

    Search the error code or missing DLL file on Google/Bing or any other search engine. You’ll learn a lot when you try it troubleshooting yourself.

    • Please turn off the ads on this website.

    Our website needs money to run. We don’t sell any product or ask you to donate money. Ads are only way we are able to run this website.